Jim Dandy Fire Eater #1

The Fire Eater #1

The Fire Eater #1 is a very large (six inch piston and stroke) fire breathing engine. This differs from the Stirling cycle in that new hot gas is inhaled from an active flame for each stroke. The gas is drawn through a large slide valve and then condensed to produce power. This engine is large, noisy and a lot of fun. It uses a unique link mechanism, water cooling and a pendulum for counterbalance.

Specifications (aproximate):

Cylinder Bore: 6 inches

Cylinder Stroke: 6 inches

Configuration: Fire Breathing Double Acting

Power Rating: 50W @ 200RPM nominal

Burner: single orfice propane tourch

Lubrication: hand oiled bearings

Intended Use: none

Comments: This engine is very noisy and exiting engine to see run.

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